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The Diary of Recruitment Consultant

Your First 6 Weeks

Your first six weeks will consist of your training and development as an Associate. You will work religiously through our Recruitment Handbook crafted by Daniel, our Managing Director.

This will take you through the whole recruitment process from start to finish, objection handling, how to do a deal a day and managing candidates and clients salary expectations.

When starting your career at ion Search and recruitment in particular it is mandate that you are willing to invest in yourself outside of work. The more you do so, the easier your first 6 weeks will be and you can confidently reap the rewards thereafter.



You’re at the end of your transition period and you will now know the ins and outs of the recruitment process from the candidate side. You will have mastered the art of candidate sourcing, generation and process with a few deals already under your belt and well on your way to commission success.



After one year you will be a fully fledged recruitment consultant and will have undergone two promotions and completed full 360 deals. Your training and development will be close to complete and you will be a certified expert within the following six modules:


  1. Candidate Sourcing
  2. Candidate Generation
  3. Candidate Process
  4. Full Process – Client Interaction
  5. Client Relationship Management
  6. New Client Generation