Massive impact is rarely a product of moderate risk.

Who are we?




We are an award-winning Talent Capital Management business.
We put exceptional people, in exceptional places, doing exceptional things.

What is Talent Capital Management?

In our case, that’s placing the world’s biggest billing entrepreneurs, into the world’s leading brands; building teams that are futureproofing the tech and finance industry, globally. To put it briefly, we generate real, exciting opportunities in a space that’s often overlooked as stagnant, stale and uninviting.

We build brands from our six international offices in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Amsterdam, New York and Orlando; we keep ahead of trends and we deliver more entrepreneurs to this sector than any other business.

An exceptional business attracts exceptional talent. You don’t get this successful, this quick, without a little bit of hard work and grit. If you’ve got what it takes, there’s enough room for you at the forefront. We offer an award-winning, brand new training and development platform so you can join our latest cohort of graduates who are well on their way to climbing the ladder.